Our Work Place
We provide professional, pleasant & efficient work place to bring the best out of our team.

Our infrastructure
Our office is well equipped with dedicated internet link with high quality data & voice connectivity. Powerful servers drive the key business applications and a efficiently designed end to end Recruitment application software helps us to respond to the needs of our customers and candidates.
Awards & Recognition
Our endeavour is to create a high performance culture in a2HR. It is important that such a culture is backed by good Recognition programs and Awards. We have instituted several awards, ranging from monthly, quarterly to yearly, to recognize star performers including for fresh recruits.
All the awards are governed by consistency and transparency. They help in creating a healthy attitude to business results and customer satisfaction.
A relaxed mind will generate ideas. A happy mind will get energy into the system. Good work place will create bonding amongst colleagues. A bit of fun amongst intense work is not a misplaced one. We, at a2HR, have a platform, Fun@a2HR, where we bring happiness to our work.
FunFri: We conduct Team games every Friday afternoon. We take turns to lead and conduct such programs every week.
Celebrations: We celebrate festivals in the office thereby bringing the sense of the occasion. Birthday parties & Team outings help to foster bonding amongst us.